Wrong Number

The other day, a lady called me at work and when I answered she said, “Oh, sorry, wrong number.”

I said, “What number are you trying to reach?”

She gave it to me, I told her where she went wrong and that was that.

Except it wasn’t.

Before she could hang up, I said, “Wait, let me ask you something. As long as I’ve got you on the phone, and you being a neutral third-party, I need to ask your opinion about something.”

She said, “Okay…” a little leery.

I asked, “Hypothetically speaking, say a guy is in love with a girl and that girl probably is into him, but she’s not ready to be serious yet because she just got out of a relationship. But then a different girl comes along, who’s cool and everything, and maybe would be fun to date, but isn’t like the first girl… would you date the second girl while you were waiting for the first girl?”

There was a long pause and then she proceeded to give me her opinion for about twenty minutes. It boiled down to “it depends.” Anyway, I took it as a green light to go out with Jennifer, so that’s why I did.

Oh, and p.s., I did call Jennifer on Tuesday and it turns out she did like me, but she had a cold sore and didn’t want to tell me. That’s why she turned her head away. I told her it was moves like that that could cost her the love of her life one day. Anyway, we’re going out again this weekend.