Valentine’s Day Redux

Here’s what I had to say about Valentine’s Day last year: This year Michelle and I are going out to Rustic Canyon for dinner and I actually paid attention to all those flower commercials so I could buy the best ones. So, yeah, a year makes a difference.

I know what it’s like to have a shitty Valentine’s Day because not only do you not have someone in your life but there are no prospects for the future. It’s the hopelessness that really hurts. If I honestly thought, “Bad luck, Valentine’s Day fell this year between past and future girlfriends,” it wouldn’t be that big a deal. I’d just hang out with friends or go to a strip club or something. But wondering how could a potential girlfriend even exist–where would she even come from?–that’s the stuff of real depression.

Well, here’s my pep talk. First of all, just because you can’t see happiness around the bend doesn’t mean it’s not there. And second, you can take control of your life. You can get out there and meet people. I did it. I get a lot of emails from people who say they want to meet people but they’re just too shy. Well, unless you have a note from your doctor saying you have a social anxiety disorder, then I call bullshit. Being scared is no excuse. Overcoming fears is one of the things we do as grown-ups.

Buy a book on how to mingle. Read the news of the weird right before you go out so you have a few things to talk about. Or just listen and react to what people are saying. But to quote the Pennsylvania State Lottery Commission, “You can’t win if you don’t play.”

Valentine’s Day

What a load of crap Valentine’s Day is.

I sat home and watched House. Meanwhile, Michelle went on some blind date with some douche her sister set her up with.

I am thinking that I should just confront Michelle and tell her how I feel about her. I can’t wait around for her to date other people and hope that when she’s ready she miraculously remembers me. Maybe if I just lay it all on the line she’ll see that we belong together.

Game On

I left a VM for Michelle the other night and she didn’t call me back.

I was getting pretty pissed, wondering what the hell is going on. But then, from out of the blue, I just got this email:

“Sorry I didn’t call you back, it’s been crazy here. Adam and I broke up and I’ve been on the phone with my sister back east for like the last five days. Anyway, I’ll tell you all about it. Want to meet up for lunch?”

I am a genius. I played this perfectly, being supportive, letting things play out on their own. Now who does she turn to for comfort (besides her sister)?

The only thing I’m wondering is how long I have to be a good listener while she mourns the loss of her relationship before I make my move. How long does it take to get over Dr. Douche?

And to make things more complicated, I just realized Valentine’s Day is on Monday! Should I ask her out to dinner? It seems too soon but I can’t control when Valentine’s Day falls. I guess I’ll play it by ear and see how lunch goes but all I know is this is the best news I’ve gotten since… well, maybe ever.