Slew from Seattle

I’m in Seattle on a deal and I talked to a bunch of people so far.

1. Guy my age at the airport gate waiting for our flight:

“Going away or coming home?” He was coming home to Seattle after visiting his long-distance girlfriend in L.A. We talked about how they fight over who should move and get a new job.

2. Fat lady sitting next to me on the plane (in business class): “Read any good books lately?” She said, “Yeah, I’m trying to read one right now.” Yikes.

3. Cute girl checking me in at the hotel: “So what’s fun to do in Seattle now that Kurt Cobain is dead?” She directed me to the concierge.

4. To the concierge: “Do people really ask you to send prostitutes to their room?” He looks around for a second, then says, “What are you looking for?” I tried to explain that it was just theoretical but he made it seem so easy, so I ordered a high-priced call girl.

Just kidding.