Mystery Box

I got home tonight and there was a UPS call tag on my mailbox which means there was a package left for me at the apartment complex office.

So I headed over there and saw a giant box waiting for me. I opened it up right there in the office because it was too big to take back to my apartment by myself. And lo and behind, inside was a new TV.

At first I assumed it was a mistake. Wrong apartment. I get #337’s mail all the time (I’m #377). But then I noticed that the box was addressed to me by name.

Gunther helped me get the TV back to my apartment. I stared at it for like ten minutes trying to figure out if this was some early birthday present from my parents or something. Then I finally decided to check the packing slip. Yes, it was addressed to me, as the shipping address. But the billing name and address was Scott’s.

The motherfucker bought me a new TV. I don’t know why this wasn’t the obvious go-to explanation in my head. After all, he did break my old TV. But I guess I just forgot all about it. I haven’t spoken to him since he moved out and I just assumed I’d never hear from him again.

So Scott did the right thing. I’m going to call him to thank him. Maybe we can go out and grab a beer or something.

Scott Has Flown the Coop

Scott moved out. He admits that he owes me for a new TV or at least fixing the screen on the one he broke but he said he has “absolutely no way to pay for it.”

He thinks it’s best if he finds a new place to live so he moved out yesterday.

The weird thing is I don’t know if Scott was ever truly a friend. It seems so juvenile, but I feel kind of used. I haven’t questioned a friend’s motivations since like 7th grade but now I’m left wondering how much I can really trust these people I meet randomly.

Who knows, maybe Scott will pay up and we’ll continue to be friends. But now I’m doubting my own judgment on these people.

While the Cat’s Away…

So first of all, I get back to find my TV with a big crack in it.

Seems Scott decided to throw a party while I was away and things got out of control. Some guy Scott didn’t even know got into a fight with Scott’s friend Ryan and the mystery guy threw a beer bottle that hit my TV. Then he took off and no one seems to know what this guy’s name is.

There are about ninety-three things wrong with this story. Yes, Scott pays rent now, but it’s still my apartment. And it’s my $3,000 TV. Plus, what am I, Scott’s parents? Who waits for their roommate to go out of town to throw a party? I think that’s the biggest dick move of all.

Scott says it wasn’t something he planned. He just invited a bunch of people over to watch football and then more and more people just kept coming. And people wonder why I hate sports.

Not sure what to do next. Scott has apologized profusely and even offered to move out. But he has not offered to pay for a new TV. No real attempts were made to find the mysterious bottle hurler, so it’s unlikely he’s ponying up.

So do I just let this slide? Just because I can technically afford it doesn’t mean I want to pay for a new TV. And why should I? I didn’t break it. Plus, now I feel like Scott has been using me. Like he was just pretending to be my friend so he could live in a nice place. Maybe he should just move out.

Scott Is Here To Stay

Scott found a new apartment to live in but suddenly the thought of him leaving made me sad.

I’ve grown used to having him there. It’s fun having a friend around all the time. And as much as I miss my privacy, it’s also nice never being alone. So I told him he could be my roommate for as long as he wanted to. We worked out a rent agreement and now he’s officially my roommate, not just a temporary guest.

I’m going back to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and Scott is headed out to Arizona to spend it with his sister. Be back next week.

Two’s Company

I have a new roommate. Well, not yet.

But next weekend Scott’s moving in. It’s only for a while, till he finds a new place.

So why did I say yes? I thought of plenty of good excuses to say no that would probably not offend him (and some readers sent in some of their own), but the truth is, I couldn’t justify saying no with the mission of this Project. I’m trying to be a people person. I haven’t had a roommate since college because I liked being alone, but now I don’t like being alone so much and maybe it’ll be nice to make a connection with another guy. You know, make an actual friend.

I talked to Gunther and Monica about this weekend and Monica especially agrees that living with someone else–especially someone you don’t get along with 100%–is a good test of maturity. Besides, Scott already hooked me up with Marny, and though that’s probably not going to last forever, Scott knows a ton of people.