New Newspaper Guy

Woke up early enough this morning to see the newspaper guy dropping off my Times.

But it wasn’t Hector, it was some new guy. So I said, “Hey, what happened to Hector?”

The guy said, “Hector quit, man. He won the lottery.”

I was more than a little confused. Did he win the actual lottery? Or some metaphorical lottery, like marrying a supermodel? So I said, “The real lottery? Like Powerball?”

The new guy said that California doesn’t have Powerball, it has Mega Millions. And yes, that’s the one Hector won. But he didn’t win the grand prize. He got five numbers without the mega number, so it was “only” worth $200,000 or so. Still, Hector used the money to move the rest of his family up here from Mexico and now he’s opening a bodega in East L.A.

I said, “Wow. Good for him.” I’ve never met anyone who really won the lottery before. Now that he’s gone, I wish I’d talked to him more.

I asked the new guy his name and he said it was “Pedro.” I said, “Tell Hector I said hi.”