A Favor for Bao Guy

Apparently I owe Scott for hooking me up with Marny because he emailed me and asked if I could help him look over his lease. For some reason he thinks I’m a lawyer even though I told him I’m a banker. [singlepic id=32 w=320 h=240 float=right](My business card clearly does not say “lawyer” anywhere on it.) Maybe I told him I was a paralegal in New York and he thinks that’s close enough.

His roommates had a big party last month and they broke the Direct TV dish on the roof. Don’t ask me how. But the landlord is trying to evict them even though Direct TV is willing to fix it for free. So now I have to look over his lease and send the landlord a letter or something so they don’t get evicted.

On the one hand, this is really annoying. The last thing I want to be doing is looking over a lease. If I wanted to be a lawyer I could have stayed in New York and gone to law school. On the other hand, I should be flattered that he thinks I’m the best person to handle this. And that we’re close enough friends to ask. After all, isn’t this what I was looking for when I started this whole thing?

Bao Guy

Sorry, I had to work late.

Anyway, so we’ve been working hard on this big deal and I went over to the mall to grab lunch to go. I got a salad at Take a Bao and I got their plumberry iced tea. It’s really good.

I’m waiting for my salad but I’ve already got my tea and I’m thinking, “This guy doesn’t look busy. I should strike up a conversation with him.” Of course the key is to be casual, not too interested like I’m a psycho or trying to pick him up.

So I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how to break the ice when it hits me. It’s sitting right there in my hand.

“This tea is really good. But what’s a plumberry?”

Turns out, they get that question all the time and the answer is really uninteresting (it’s tea with a blend of plums and berries).

But I didn’t let that stop me. I mentioned that I took the last sweet & low packet and they need to refill it. Which suddenly jogged this memory in the back of my brain, and I don’t remember how I segued here, but all of the sudden I launched into this story about this dumb-ass girl from back when I was a paralegal in New York. [singlepic id=2 w=320 h=240 float=right]We’d go to lunch and she’d put like literally six packets of sugar in her tea. Of course, it would just sit on the bottom because of basic chemistry: Sugar doesn’t dissolve in cold water. I tried to explain it to her, that they make sweet tea by heating up the tea first, dissolving the sugar, and then cooling it. The supersaturated sugar stays in solution and the iced tea stays sweet. It’s straight out of high school chemistry. But she would just say she likes it that way and dump a pound of sugar into the already-cold iced tea. You could literally see it sitting there on the bottom taking up an inch of the glass.

So the Bao Guy thought that was a funny story. I found out he was an actor. We didn’t trade info or anything. I didn’t even get his name. My salad came out and that basically put an end to the conversation. I took the bag and all I said was, “Have a good day.”

Still, on the walk back to Constellation, I felt awesome. I felt like a people person. Are me and Bao Guy gonna be BFF’s? Not too likely. But that’s not the point. I talked to a stranger. I made a connection. And for such a small fucking thing, for the rest of the day I had a huge smile on my face.