First Tuba

Gotta make this quick because I’m catching a flight to Boston for work.

This weekend, Michelle and I took her niece to see Holst’s “The Planets” at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. They do this whole thing where a goofy guy acts out the music and narrates the performance. The place was filled with kids and they loved it.

Anyway, I’m always fascinated by unusual careers. Jobs I never would have thought of doing in a million years. Not because they’re bad, but because they’re just so unusual. Naturally, I was watching these men and women in the orchestra playing their instruments and it occurred to me that some of the less “sexy” instruments must make for interesting cocktail conversation. Like, “I play the xylophone. Professionally.”

So Michelle said, “After the concert, you should go talk to one of the musicians.”

So I did.

I asked the women at the door if I could talk to someone from the orchestra and long story short, I talked to First Tuba for about five minutes. I had a hard time having the conversation because the whole time I just kept thinking, “Wow, you must really love the tuba.” I managed not to insult him, and he even let Michelle’s niece attempt to play the tuba, which is actually pretty hard to do.

I wish there were some kind of funny twist ending to the story, but sometimes you talk to someone and it pretty much just goes down like you expect.