Game Over

I got an email from Michelle this morning saying she needed to talk to me about something.

So we met up for lunch and I’m not going to draw this out, she told me she’s engaged.

I know. What the fuck?! Right?

Apparently Sports Agent Dan was on-again, off-again, and I guess on-again, and that whole bullshit about “taking things slow” was total bullshit because she said yes.

What the fuck?!

She showed me the ring (who cares). I felt sick. She said, “I was hoping you’d be happy for me.” And do you know what I said?

I said, “Well, I’m not.”

That pretty much ended lunch. I took off and I haven’t been able to do any work since.

I thought she was just casually dating because THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID SHE WAS DOING! But I guess somewhere along the way, she fell in love with this douchebag and now they’re getting married. Well if she loves Dan so much, what was that whole kiss about back on Valentine’s Day? I am a wreck right now.

What the fuck?!