First Dates

First dates are the ultimate TTS experience. Everything I’ve learned (and failed to learn) so far about communicating, listening, picking up on subtle bodies cues, being interesting and interested– it all comes to a head on a first date.

Unfortunately, unlike a true stranger who immediately signals your pass or fail grade, a first date is an essay exam: it’s a lot harder to gauge how well you did and you have to wait a long time for the results.

Chloe and I went out to dinner first at this new place by the beach, The Hungry Cat. Chloe is vegetarian but she eats fish so this place made sense. I won’t say the conversation was effortless but we did manage to get into a rhythm. Chloe grew up in San Francisco and she’s one of these people that genuinely never says anything mean about anyone. Normally I’d be disgusted by such a nice person but her positive energy is actually pretty infectious. The key is that she doesn’t take a pious attitude about being so decent and therefore doesn’t come across as sanctimonious about other people. I would launch into one of my tirades and she would laugh; she just doesn’t have any tirades of her own.

After dinner we went to a jazz club in Hollywood. We had a few drinks and the band was really cool. I tried hard not to look like I was trying too hard but I think you have to have somewhat of a plan for the evening or else you’re really not trying at all.

Overall, I don’t know if it was a love connection. We had fun. I liked her. Maybe this is the kind of thing that grows into something all-consuming. But right now, it’s just a seed.