Dog Groomer

I’m still learning about how to take care of a dog. Polly has been very helpful and she gave me the number of a dog groomer.

I would give Tad a bath myself, and I have, but he’s been scratching a lot lately and Polly said he just needs to get a real bath by a professional.

So I called this guy and he shows up with a big mobile grooming van. Tad went up on a table and got groomed for an hour. I went to check on him and I saw the guy drying Tad’s hair and kind of mussing it in front of his eyes like a hairdresser would do to a model. He didn’t see me watching him but it was pretty funny.

After I paid the guy, I asked, “Just out of curiosity, how does one get into pet grooming? Do you go to school for that?”

He said he was a people hairdresser but he found that he loves animals more than people. He was kidding but maybe only a little. Apparently, you can go to school to learn how to properly groom a pet. He said some breeds of dogs require very specific techniques. He’s groomed Puli’s before and you have to separate the ropes of their hair with razor blades. Anyway, this guy really knew his shit.

I asked him, “So, do you still cut people’s hair on special occasions?”

He looked at me and said, “Sorry, I’m not going to cut your hair.”

I laughed and he said to call him in three months for Tad’s next appointment.