Gathering the Troops

This week has been fun trying to invite people to my Superbowl party. The first and only rule is: no emails as it kind of defeats the whole purpose.

I don’t have a Rolodex of everyone I’ve met in the last 18 months but that’s okay. It’s an excuse to track people down and talk to them.

So first, I called the people I know well enough to have phone numbers for. Gunther obviously. And his stupid friend Gordo. I also called Monica but she wasn’t home and I left a message. I called Scott and we caught up for a bit. He’s been auditioning a lot and has a new girlfriend. I invited people from work like Janet, but not Neil and Kyle because they’re just co-workers not strangers I talk to.

I ran into Polly and she’s coming. And my new friend Luke from the pet store.

Tracking down the rest has been a challenge. I left a note for Maria the cleaning lady but I’d be surprised if she showed up. I also left a note for letter carrier Hung and Pedro the newspaper guy.

But I visited Ramon the dry cleaner in person. He was actually very helpful in explaining who was playing and the backstory for the game. I also invited the Cheese Guy and Check-out Girl in person because I was Whole Foods anyway and it was easy. The check-out girl (with the nose ring) is named Astrid and I made sure to invite her in front of Michelle so she didn’t think I was asking her out. She asked if she could bring a friend and I said the more the merrier.

All in all, I invited a couple dozen people and I have no idea how many will actually show up. But I’m buying a lot of beer and a couple party subs from Bay Cities so hopefully it will be a decent turnout.

Cheese Guy

No word from Michelle. I honestly think she needs to get some professional help. She is certifiably crazy.

But I digress. I went to Whole Foods last night to pick up some dinner and I walked by the cheese department. I always find it fascinating but a little intimidating. I probably know the names of a dozen cheeses like everybody else, but here there were hundreds, maybe thousands, of varieties.

I reminded myself that one of the best ways to meet strangers is to ask questions, especially about things I actually want to learn. So I asked the cheese counter guy, “What do you recommend?”

He asked what I was looking for. I admitted that I didn’t know the first thing about cheese. I don’t like soft stuff like Brie. I like Swiss Cheese. I like Provolone. That’s about it. So Cheese Guy spent the next twenty minutes giving me an education in cheese. The basic varieties. What goes with what. What to look for in each variety.

As I was listening, people started to gather around. It seems a lot of people wanted to learn about cheese and were just afraid to ask. I ended up getting an Emmentaler and it was pretty good. I don’t think I’ll ever be a cheese connoisseur, but it’s fun to learn about new stuff and interesting to watch someone talk so passionately about cheese.