Doggie Play Date

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming… Tad eats a lot of food and his dog food is expensive.

So when I saw an ad for $18 off per bag of Canidae at Centinela Feed I raced to the store and bought four bags. (Canidae is regularly $47.99 for a 35 pound bag; they were selling it for $29.99.) That’s a year’s worth of food but I saved $72!

Anyway, at Centinela they have really nice people who take your dog food out to the car for you. (I always wonder if you’re supposed to tip them but I’ve never seen anyone else do it and they walk away pretty quickly.) This guy was about my age and he said, naturally, “Wow, that’s a lot of dog food.”

I said, “Yeah, I mean it’s such a good deal I had to stock up and I don’t even have a dog!”

He looked at me, a little confused. He laughed a little but he was clearly thrown off by my joke. He needed clarification. “You really have a dog, right?”

I assured him that I wasn’t a bizarre dog food speculator and that did in fact have a dog. Then, as dog people do, we talked about our dogs, the breeds, personalities, etc.

Then I took a bold step. I said, “We go to the park on Barrington if you want to meet up one day.”

He said, “Like a doggie play date?”

I asked, “Is that too weird?”

He said, “It’s a little weird but I think I can handle it.”

We exchanged info and I told him I’d email him when we were going to the park.