I’m Married!

Just kidding. I’m not that big of an idiot. But we did have fun this weekend.

Chloe and I drove to Vegas Friday.

Traffic was a bitch but once we hit the desert it was okay. Whenever I get to Barstow, I always think of that Kim Wilde song, “Kids in America.” There’s one line, “New York to East California/ There’s a new wave coming I warn you.” I always wondered, “What the hell is East California?” I mean, there’s Northern California and Southern California, but there is no part of the state known as “east” California. I get that Kim Wilde is English, and that “east” is one syllable, but really there’s nothing there but barren desert.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun. We gambled a bit, got to know each other, and ate a lot of food. Chloe is just so good-natured it’s weird. She doesn’t have a mean thought in her head. Not sure why she likes me, but I really like her.