One man’s journey to reconnect with humanity one stranger at a time. Read my manifesto, “The Talk to Strangers Project Begins…” and it’ll all make sense.

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  1. Just started to read from the beginning, loving the sense of humour. Got the info from the BBC website, you’re cited as the beginning of the idea of facetime as such. Aren’t you clever?! That didn’t mean to sound as condescending as it appeared, I literally meant, you are clever, I think it’s a brill idea and thoroughly enjoying the read. Xx ps. Congrats and good luck with the wedding.

  2. Hey mate, just sat and read pretty much this entire thing in a day, really captivating. It resonates with me because I move around often – to lots of different European countries about every 6 months with work. Every time I have to start fresh, usually in a language I can’t speak. People laugh at my attempts to speak their language and that can shake confidence quickly – but using similar scenarios to ones you’ve discussed it’s easy to see the positives massively outweigh the negatives. You’ve given me a bit more confidence in the approach, I hope to see you check in maybe with an annual “show stopping stranger story”. Take it easy and all the best.

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