On the Turning Away

We went to get froyo yesterday and Michelle had to run back to the car to get her frequent eater punch card. [singlepic id=222 w=320 h=240 float=right]So in the short time I was waiting for her I sampled the different flavors and started making comments out loud, like “Huckleberry? More like Suck-leberry.”

One hot woman laughed, and I felt the need to defend myself. I said, “You try it. It tastes like frozen salad dressing.”

She took a sample, shuddered, and I said, “See? Now the Boysenberry is actually pretty good but that’s not coming back till next month.”

She said, “You must come here a lot if you know their flavor rotation.”

I said, “Yeah, well, my fiance really likes to fill up her punch card.”

But suddenly, her smile just kind of faded. I wasn’t even thinking this was some kind of flirting thing, but I definitely got the sense that she was interested. Just then, Michelle came back in with her card and said, “What looks good?”

The hot girl said, “Enjoy your yogurt,” and continued on.

Michelle was like, “Making friends, I see.”

It was weird, ever since I stopped looking at women as potential dates, they’ve become more interested in me. Are women that into the air of indifference? I can’t believe that I’m acting any differently here.

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6 thoughts on “On the Turning Away”

  1. Based on my personal experience I’d like to say they are into that indifference. Mainly the hot ones though. But as a psychologist there isn’t really any basis for that kind of preference.

  2. I’ve found myself in a similar situation before and it wasn’t until afterwards it clicked. I wouldn’t say I generally find it to be true but certainly some can’t settle for any show of indifference.

    Really like your blog by the way, stumbled into it tonight and I’ve been reading for a while now.

  3. Sorry for the belated comment– I’m catching up– but I felt compelled to add the feminine perspective. It’s not indifference that’s attractive, it’s genuineness. If you’re thinking about how hot she is, and is she flirting, and maybe I can steer the conversation so I can ask her out, you’re not being YOU. It’s somehow inauthentic. And pretty much every woman, hot or not, likes a genuine guy.

  4. Kinda adding on to the last comment here, think of it as a self defense mechanism, almost like hunter and prey, to put it crudely. A single man looking gives off loads of signs that he’s hitting on someone through mannerisms, body language…. etc. Read by that part of the brain you said a lotta people aren’t developing thanks to technology. If you’re not hitting on them and not single, they see that confidence and kinda latch on to it. It’s awesome and something to keep in mind when single- the key is to not give it any thought and really just not give a fuck.

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