Unaccompanied Minor

I went back home for Easter and I always have a fun time talking to people on planes. [singlepic id=220 w=320 h=240 float=right]On the way back yesterday we had a layover in Dallas, and we got seated next to an unaccompanied minor sitting in the window seat. She was 11, in fifth grade, but she looked much older. She started talking to me right away and I kept turning to Michelle like, “You saw this, right? She started talking to me? I didn’t strike up the conversation with the hot 11 year old girl.”

Anyway, her single mom sends her to Florida all the time to visit her grandparents, who she thinks are “totally boring.” I asked her what shows she watches (“Wizards of Waverly Place”), whether she has a lot of friends (“not really”), and what food she likes (“pasta” and she does most of the cooking for mom). We literally talked for three hours and it was kind of exhausting. I had to run everything I was about to say through some kind of filter to make sure it was appropriate.

Her mom wasn’t at the baggage claim in LAX when we got there and it kind of raised a red flag, like maybe she was lying and she doesn’t really have a mom or something. I don’t know, the whole thing just seems so incredibly dangerous. Who would send an 11 year old girl across the country by herself? Am I old fashioned here?

I asked her if she was okay, where was her mom, etc., but she assured me that her mom would be there to pick her up. Michelle and I looked at each other, and eventually we just said okay. I mean, what could we really do?

I hope she got home safely.

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