Elevator Girl Gets a New Nickname…



… Fiancée.

New Year’s Eve, I asked, she said yes, that’s all I’ll say.


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8 thoughts on “Elevator Girl Gets a New Nickname…”

  1. Found this blog a week ago. Rushed right through it, as your story of meeting strangers is so good. I’m feeling a lot of what you felt at the beginning…isolation..being lonely. Your story and how you found Elevator Girl has been a pleasure to read. Seeing her in the elevator that last time…you both laughing..few words were needed..it sure was like a movie and my favorite of your posts. Thanks again. Please don’t stop telling us your adventures. And please don’t stop telling us about Elevator Girl. In my mind’s eyes, she sure is beautiful. You may not have known it, I bet…but all those strangers and friends was suppose to always lead you to her.

  2. Wow, congratulations! You have had an amazing story to tell, thank you for sharing it and I wish you two the best of luck!

  3. Congrats! I’ve been reading this straight through (someone posted it on a small subreddit) and this has to be the perfect way for your story (errrr, life) to start wrapping up! While I can’t say that I was quite at the level of discomfort with talking to strangers that you were at the beginning of the blog, I can say that I’ve been fearing graduation due to being alone, but your tales have provided me hope and a plan on what to do both in preparation and after graduating! Thanks so much and a toast to the bride and groom!

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