Elevator Girl

It was like a movie. I was leaving for the night, the elevator doors opened, and there she was. It was so perfect that even Michelle had to laugh. I got in.

I was about to say something. I was about to launch into another big speech. But she stopped me with a look. A look that said, “It’s okay.”

Then she kissed me.

The doors opened on another floor and someone else got in, interrupting the kiss. But Michelle grabbed my hand and held it tight the whole rest of the way down to the lobby. She was squeezing it so hard, I looked over at her, and she looked scared.

We got the the lobby and the other guy got out.

I turned to Michelle and said, “I love you.”

Michelle said, “I love you, too.”

P.S. Michelle said I could post this.

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22 thoughts on “Elevator Girl”

  1. A happy ending. I must say, I have loved every minute of this blog. If your reading this Michelle-never let go of Fletcher. He is one kick ass dude.

    1. Annoyed Reader: Just can’t tear yourself away from the thing you revile, hmm? Typically when people dismiss something they… well… dismiss it. They don’t keep coming back and reminding the thing they dismissed that they dismissed it. At least that’s my experience. You should just have your ‘I can’t quit you’ moment with Fletcher and move on.

      1. Aren’t you clever, Holly! However, I can criticize this exploitative phony more than once, even while disapproving of the blog/author as a whole. No contradiction there, though I realize this may be “too complicated” a concept for you to comprehend.

        1. Virtually nothing in that response makes sense, right down to your unnecessary quotation marks. You’re not “too complicated” – you’re just arrogant and judgmental.

        2. I always love the “I’m not actually going to respond to your criticism and explain myself. Instead I’m going to display my lack of self-esteem and maturity and attack you personally by saying you are too stupid to understand what I’m talking about.” Is this “annoyed reader” the actress Fletcher was dating in the beginning? Here is a quote for you “annoyed reader”.

          “By the way, what have you done that’s so great? Do you create anything, or just criticise others [sic] work and belittle their motivations?” – Steve Jobs

          So I think we are all wondering “annoyed reader”, what have you done that’s so great?”

  2. This is a thrilling and wonderful place for the story to end for me after a long day of reading in between work. I’m so happy for you Fletcher (and Michelle), and wish you the absolute best.

    I look forward to seeing how the blog moves forward, now knowing that Michelle (and her brother, and maybe more of her family) have a keen eye on it.

  3. Pull the ripcord right now, Fletcher. (And congratulations.)

    The blog’s been great, but it’s too much of a gamble to keep posting things here b/c eventually you’re going to post something that she may initially approve of but that will get twisted around at some point (by her, by someone she knows, by her scumbrother, whatever) and then you’ll be right back where you were a couple of weeks ago.

    I think if you tell her you’re not doing it anymore because you care about her too much to risk it, but that you’ll continue learning how to Talk To Strangers in your everyday life and just share it with those you know and meet instead of posting it for the entire world (wide web) to see, that will go ever real well on all fronts.

    Don’t let lightning strike the same place twice, dude. Tell her she completes you, and that you don’t need to blog anymore (maybe you can start your own sports agent biz like Jerry McG.).

    Stop now. In the name of love. 🙂

    1. OR… he could just tone down the ‘talking specifically about Michelle and co.’ part of TTS, and instead just focus the blog more on just the complete strangers he talks to. Imagine if during his Vegas trip, he hadn’t talked about Chloe at all, but still all the people he talked to– still would have been fascinating. I think we all enjoy the personal, intimate details of his various closer relationships, but the project itself wouldn’t really suffer at the loss of that in favor of the more ‘random’ encounters.

  4. So what’s going on now…I know the Michelle drama was a huge deal, but I want to know…are you going to start talking to strangers again? I like the Michelle updates and all, but it would be nice if you continued the project. It seems like its been a long time since you’ve talked to a stranger, and I assume you pass by them daily.

    1. Yes! I am still talking to strangers and I am promise that is going to be 100% of the focus of the blog from here on out. But I’m a little burnt out after all this drama and will start posting new interactions with strangers after New Years.

  5. I’ve really enjoyed this blog, and it’s brought me repeated smiles. But for god’s sake if it’s gonna be even the smallest bit of an issue you obviously pick the girl over the blog. We’ve all been rooting for you and Michelle since approximately your second post. I’d much rather you be happy.

    Best of luck!

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