Thanksgiving (Meet the Parents part 3)

What a relief. I am up here in Michelle’s parents house in Nob Hill writing this blog entry on my laptop while Michelle helps her mom do some last minute food shopping.

Meeting her parents went great. Michelle’s Dad is in finance, so I was able to talk to him about banking for a while and that was a great ice breaker. I definitely gave him the impression that I’m not an idiot.

Michelle’s mom teaches art history at SF State so we didn’t have as much to talk about right off the bat (I am ignorant of all things related to art). But we did find some common ground talking about food. I asked what we were having tomorrow and I told her what my mom usually makes. We talked about food and families. She was surprised that my parents are still married. I guess it’s unusual for a couple like me and Michelle to have both sets of parents never divorced. I could tell she felt that I came from “a good family” because of that fact.

Tonight, Michelle and I are going out with some of her old friends from high school. Then tomorrow her brother and sister show up and it’s turkey and stuffing. I feel much better now knowing that the pressure is off!

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