Elevator Girl

I slept with Michelle.

After a week of ignoring my calls, she emailed me on Friday saying she couldn’t face me after what happened.

I told her we needed to talk about it. She reluctantly agreed but said she couldn’t meet me that night because she’s going out with Dan. She said she’d come by Saturday night instead. “Just to talk,” I reminded her.

She was supposed to come over my apartment at 8:00. She didn’t show and I was starting to get worried. I mean, who knows with her? Maybe Sports Agent Dan found out where she was going and took an axe to her. I texted her and she finally responded at like 9:30 with just “b there soon.”

She showed up at 11:15. She wasn’t drunk, so I was relieved about that. But the first thing she said to me was, “Do you have any wine?” It was clear it was to soothe nerves from earlier in the evening, not to prepare for later that night, so I gave her some wine.

She took a big drink and said, “I called off the engagement.”

Hearing those words suddenly flipped a switch in my head. My moral constraints had been keeping her advances at bay because she was with him. But as soon as she said those words, it was like when that bad guy got fired from OCP and Robocop was then free to kill him. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best analogy given the circumstances but that’s what popped into my head.

We talked for a while about what Dan did wrong. How they fought all the time. How she broke it off on Friday night but then he tried to change her mind earlier in the evening Saturday. (That’s why she was late.)

Then we talked for a while about The Talk to Strangers Project. I basically explained the whole thing to her. How that, a year ago, I was lonely and isolated. I told her how I’ve met all these incredible people and gotten confidence to take control of my life.

She said it sounded like an amazing idea.

Then I looked at her and said, “I did it all to meet you.”

We kissed. Then… well, you know.

We spent the whole day together yesterday. We didn’t really talk about what it all means or where it’s going. I think neither of us wanted to define it or analyze things. I know I for one was afraid it might just go away. So we kind of avoided the subject.

I dropped her off and we kissed again.

I think this is the beginning of something huge, but I’m too afraid to think that thought, because I might jinx it.

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9 thoughts on “Elevator Girl”

    1. If there was an upvote button. This would be the number one post.
      Everything I could have said/thought summed up in one word. Perfect. aHaha.

  1. G’day Fletcher,

    I think these are called the glory days… listen carefully to what she says drove her mad about Dan. Don’t lie to yourself about what she’s complaining about – consider if you think she’s loopy or not.

    Be careful you don’t become rebound guy to her elevator girl.

  2. I heartily second MacBisho’s post, but with the added caveat that if you’re going to give this thing a go, you better be as sure as you possibly can that she’s not going to flip out on you. While there’s no way to know this, I think if she’s rational on all fronts (as rational as she’s capable of being, that is) for an extended period of time (6 months?) then maybe you were the secret ingredient to sanity she was missing.

    Enjoy yourself, Fletcher.

  3. Can’t wait for the movie version of this blog… and to see how Ryan Gosling (or whoever portrays you) takes on that ‘I did it to meet you…’ line.

  4. I’m currently off work (food poisoning) and saw your blog referred to on the BBC website here in Blightly. I started reading it today and this post is how far I’ve managed to get. I’m going to read the rest, but I had to post while this part of your “journey” (fucking hate it when people say that but what the hell, this is the internet, I can do what I please) while it’s fresh in my mind.
    I thought, briefly, that you were going to turn into an almighty douchebag of epic proportions. That’s based on you saying a few posts ago that you wanted to be Michelle’s friend but not actually wanting to listen to her problems. That seems contrary to what being a good friend is all about to me. However, it seems I judged you prematurely by not realising fully how obsessed (that might be too strong a word but you get what I’m saying) with her you are. I apologise.
    Mr E.
    (I’ve managed to not say a word to anyone in four whole days now, but unlike you, I actually quite like it)

  5. Wow it’s about time! Haha joking, but man this is turning out to be a a very interesting story from the beginning to now. Going to read some more now, but I am sure glad how far your life has moved.

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