Lunch Date

I emailed Michelle this morning and she was free for lunch so we went over to the mall and ate at 59th and Lex, that little restaurant inside Bloomingdales.

I’d never eaten there before (what man has?) and was not surprised to find it was mostly empty save a few elderly ladies.

Anyway, I haven’t seen Michelle in a while and I asked how things were going with the wedding plans. She said they were going fine but I could tell that something was up. I pressed a little, but she stuck to her story that everything was fine. She changed the subject and asked, “How’s your love life?”

I told her about Chloe and that I was sad that it didn’t work out. But then I said, “I think I’m more upset about the idea of the relationship not working out than things not working out with Chloe specifically.”

Michelle said, “I know what you mean.” But she said it in a cryptic kind of way as if I were privy to the special meaning of her words.

It was a strange lunch but I was glad to see her. Despite all that’s happened between us, I still really like Elevator Girl.

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One thought on “Lunch Date”

  1. Of course you still like her … she’s pretty, and, more importanly, she’s dissed you a few times, which makes her more interesting. While the “getting treated like crap yields more attraction” paradigm seems to apply _much_ more to women (especially younger ones), it’s also in play for men, and you’re a victim.

    It’s possible that she’s having some trouble with the fiancee, but a lot of times that comes out before weddings because of the specter of saying a final goodbye to singledom, as well as increased dealings with in-laws and, sometimes, the strange people who inhabit the bodies of your parents as a wedding approaches.

    I wouldn’t get my hopes up, but given the little we know about her quick-seeming on-and-off relationships it’s always possible there’s trouble in Elevator Paradise.

    If she ends up free again, dude, think LONG and HARD about getting involved with her. From an outside perspective she seems self-absorbed and a bit flighty, kind of the anti-Chloe.

    Remember, Tad’s your true best friend. 🙂

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