Sucker Punch

Chloe dumped me.

I called her last week to make up about the whole Monopoly fight and she said we were cool.

Then she came over on Sunday to tell me in person that she was breaking up with me.

After the initial shock I said it was a little bit of a dick move to say everything was fine only to break up with me a few days later, but she said she wanted to do it in person, not on the phone.

She said it had nothing to do with the fight. She said it just seemed obvious that we weren’t going anywhere in our relationship and that I didn’t love her, and so what was the point. I didn’t argue. How could I? She was pretty much right.

She kissed me goodbye, said goodbye to Tad, then took off.

Obviously, I was very upset by the whole thing. I mean, nobody likes getting dumped. But it wasn’t fair to keep things going when I had already decided in my head that she wasn’t a candidate for the long haul. I mean, we could have kept seeing each other casually, but Chloe’s not that type of girl, so I didn’t want to keep leading her on.

All in all, it was a pretty classy dumping. I did wonder, however, if the real reason she wanted to come over in person was to say goodbye to my dog.

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3 thoughts on “Sucker Punch”

  1. Bugger!

    You are getting so good at meeting new people that you can use those skills to find someone that will play scrabble or monopoly and not hold your skills against you.

    Good luck, move along this is not the girl you are looking for!

  2. Well, if it were another person I would just say that there are plenty fish in the sea, move on and stuff. Now, being you, I can actually mean it! You are the guy who meets people, so don’t think anything of it, and move on!

  3. I’m just wondering when you knew/decided that “she wasn’t a candidate for the long haul” … I know you’ve been thrown off a bit by how honestly nice she is, but was there more? Are you still pining for that waste of space Elevator Girl? Get over that, dude … you could miss out on some real winners by holding out for the nutbag (though I’ve definitely been in that same ugly situation before).

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