Guess who just moved in and is living with me now?

Wrong, not Chloe. Wrong again, not my old roommate Scott. I am now the proud owner of one mangy mutt named The Artful Dodger, or “Tad” as he likes to be called.

Time was running short on Tad and I decided I wanted to do this. Chloe did not exert any pressure on me. She even gracefully ignored my prior lie about them not letting pets in my apartment complex. (She said, “I knew it was a fib but I didn’t want to talk you into anything you didn’t want to do.” P.S. Who says “fib”?)

I took him home yesterday and the good news is he’s mostly already trained. My apartment is obviously new to him so there were some first day accidents but I think Tad is smart and he’ll get the hang of it. My only real fear is what he’s going to do all day long when I’m at the office. Chloe says he’ll be fine as long as I get him exercise in the morning and when I get home.

Getting Tad was a little tricky emotionally. It’s not like Tad is Chloe’s dog, too, but still, I think it will be weird if Chloe and I don’t work out and Tad never sees her again. Still, things are really moving quickly with Chloe and Tad is really bringing us closer together. I hardly ever think about Michelle anymore.

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2 thoughts on “TAD”

  1. Cute dog; nice move all around. The way I look at it, if you and Chloe don’t last (did you close the deal yet, by the way?) it will be nice to have someone there in the apartment … being alone is a terrible way for all the post-break-up negativity to resonate louder; having something/someone to concentrate on always makes a separation less painful.

    And good to hear that EG is already much less of a factor, especially given how little she thinks of you (timewise, not as a person-wise).

    I assume they have dog-walkers in L.A., so that’s another option for you if you worry that Tad will get too lonely.

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