The Artful Dodger

I purposely went back to Montana Ave. this Sunday hoping to see the Animal Shelter Girl.

Mission accomplished, she was there with The Artful Dodger.

She remembered me from last weekend and I told her my apartment complex doesn’t allow pets (a lie). I had to put the issue of adopting TAD to rest or else she might really wind up hating me if I strung her along with an animal shelter dog.

Anyway, I finally got her name. It’s Chloe. We talked for a while about how she got interested in working with animals. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect: she grew up around animals and really loves them. I told her I was hoping for a more interesting back story, like her brother was turned into a goat by a evil witch and now she scours the land looking for him.

She said, “That doesn’t make any sense. Why would I look for a goat at an animal shelter?”

I said, “Wait, you don’t have any goats here? Oh, my mistake,” and I pretended to leave.

We talked for only a little while and then someone interrupted us to ask about one of the dogs. I didn’t want to seem stalker-y waiting for her, so I just said, “I’ve got to go anyway. Next Sunday?”

She nodded, then I left.