“No one ever noticed me in my solid-colored Lamborghini.”

I was driving down Lincoln Blvd. and spotted this:

[singlepic id=111 w=320 h=240 float=left]

I know the picture is pretty crappy (I was driving while shooting) but it’s a gold-sparkled Lamborghini. The sides are black but it’s all glitter from bumper to bumper.

[singlepic id=110 w=320 h=240 float=right]

I wanted to talk to the owner so badly. I literally pulled over and went across the street to see if I could find him (and I do mean “him”–trust me, there was an exactly 0% chance the owner was female). I asked the guy at the Hertz place but he said it wasn’t their car and it’s been there all morning. I waited around for a little while but the owner never showed up.

So in lieu of a real conversation, readers please submit what you think this guy might have said if I had asked about the car. I’ll post the best responses later this week.

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6 thoughts on ““No one ever noticed me in my solid-colored Lamborghini.””

  1. Okay, I’m late to the party, but:

    – “It matches my gold and onyx encrusted marble bag.”

    – “In Dubai this paint job is considered subtle.”

    – “What makes a motherf*cker so damn fresh?”

    Yes, the above are all racially charged, but I’m a Pacific Islander so I’m allowed.

  2. Believe it or not but the owner is a kid that goes to CCSF I see the car parked in the lot all the time..I even took some of my own pics and ocassionally catch other curious students snapping their own..its most def a unique and eye catching car.

  3. I saw it today in LA near mid city. Young Asian guy driving, maybe late 20s early 30s, with a young Asian girl in the passenger. I would like to know how this kid can afford a lambo?! He’s doing something right.

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