Elevator Girl, Master of Indifference

I had lunch with Michelle just now. I asked her about that guy was dating and she said it didn’t work out.

And she’s not seeing anyone new either.

She asked about me and I said I was dating Jennifer. I told her it was early on in the relationship (which she obviously interpreted as meaning we hadn’t slept together yet), but that I like her. She seemed genuinely happy for me, which was not at all what I was going for.

Maybe Michelle is just a good actress but she sure didn’t seem like she was upset that I “moved on.” I told her about Jennifer’s band and how I’m going to see them tomorrow night. She said, “She sounds really cool.” And then we talked about other stuff.

I don’t know why but I feel totally pissed off right now.

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One thought on “Elevator Girl, Master of Indifference”

  1. If you can ever accurately predict how a woman is going to react to your words (with some obvious exceptions, like “Honey, I cheated on you last night but I didn’t enjoy it”), it means your brain structure and hormonal make-up has changed so radically that you might as well be a woman.

    When you realized that EG wasn’t going to care as you’d hoped, did you consider shocking her with ye olde “I’ll dump Jen right now if you’ll just give me a chance?” Maybe that would’ve worked better …

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