Jennifer, Meet My Girlfriend…

Well, it happened. Jennifer met my girlfriend who’s been living with me for the last week… Ms. Pac Man.

She loved it! We literally played Ms. Pac Man till 2:00 in the morning. On the one hand, it was fun just hanging out and playing the game while getting increasingly drunk. I really got to know her and Jennifer is an interesting chick. She is like a double agent, wearing really expensive clothes by day for her job as Nordstroms. But then her band plays on weekends and she is kind of scary as a rocker grrrl. (I haven’t actually seen her perform yet, maybe next weekend.)

So Jennifer had no problem with a giant vintage video game in the middle of my apartment. The only downside is that Ms. Pac Man may have technically cock-blocked me. I’m pretty sure Jennifer was up for some fooling around when she agreed to go back to my place. The fact that I didn’t get any action at all can only be the result of her falling asleep on my couch while I was on an especially long turn. (I did finally kiss her when we said goodbye Sunday morning, but you get the idea.)

So now I’m wondering, what happens when Gunther sells the game? What if Jennifer is really just using me for my access to free Ms. Pac Man?

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