Ms. Pac Man

Gunther as you may recall buys and sells things on eBay.

For a living. (The whole story is back here.) Anyway, he took delivery of a stand-up Ms. Pac Man machine and I agreed to let him keep it in my apartment. (Gunther’s place is filled with an amazing array of crap, ever-changing and totally useless.)

After the shipping guy, Gunther, and I got the thing into my apartment, two thoughts crossed my mind: first, would this game actually still be addictive after thirty years? It was set to free play, and Gunther said I could play it all I wanted until he sold it, but the question was, would I? Surely video games have come so far that a vintage game like this would hold no appeal.

Well, to answer the first question, Ms. Pac Man still has it. She’s a sexy beast and her age hasn’t made her any less attractive.

The other question I was wondering about is whether I will look like a tool to girls who may come back to my place on a date. I mean, what kind of loser has a 68″ Ms. Pac Man in his living room?

We shall see, because Jennifer the froyo chick is going out with me Friday night.

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2 thoughts on “Ms. Pac Man”

  1. Wow. Having such a machine in home must be tiring… I wouldn’t lose a single minute to anything but playing it!

  2. Great post and I’m truly jealous you have Ms. Pacman in your living room. If you or anyone you know is interested in buying stand up machines, I’ve used this awesome site for a few that I bought and sold over the years. They have an awesome selection of arcade machines for sale.

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