Game On

I left a VM for Michelle the other night and she didn’t call me back.

I was getting pretty pissed, wondering what the hell is going on. But then, from out of the blue, I just got this email:

“Sorry I didn’t call you back, it’s been crazy here. Adam and I broke up and I’ve been on the phone with my sister back east for like the last five days. Anyway, I’ll tell you all about it. Want to meet up for lunch?”

I am a genius. I played this perfectly, being supportive, letting things play out on their own. Now who does she turn to for comfort (besides her sister)?

The only thing I’m wondering is how long I have to be a good listener while she mourns the loss of her relationship before I make my move. How long does it take to get over Dr. Douche?

And to make things more complicated, I just realized Valentine’s Day is on Monday! Should I ask her out to dinner? It seems too soon but I can’t control when Valentine’s Day falls. I guess I’ll play it by ear and see how lunch goes but all I know is this is the best news I’ve gotten since… well, maybe ever.

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2 thoughts on “Game On”

  1. Scylla and Charybdis, dude … watch out. I’ve heard where sometimes moving in quickly works out the best, and other times where it’s all crashed and burned because the guy crossed the friend line/DMZ too fast. If you were just trying to get with her then fast is probably better, but–at least from what you’ve been posting–you’re interested in the longer term, so your best bet is to probably go slow, just listen, don’t push, and be prepared for her to bypass you with someone else short term. That might work out to your advantage if you can stomach hearing about it, because that rebound is bound to fail and if you’re still there you can probably get her to be your sigoth instead of just a quick conquest. Can we hear from the female commenters on their perspective?

    1. sounds dead on to me. something I would add though is that you sound quite strategic, and while it may be difficult to stop that from going on in your own head, just remember to relax a little and let strategy fall by the wayside. if you forget “the best time to attack” and “the smartest next move” you might pay better attention and learn how to be more tuned to her cues…..because they will be there, for better or worse. but also–fucking awesome 🙂

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