Lunch with Old Guy

Yesterday I went to the mall to have lunch and it was packed. There were no tables anywhere so I made a big move: I asked if I could sit down with some old guy eating by himself.

The old me never would have done this in a million years. I would have just taken my sushi back to the office. But I was hungry and I wasn’t going to eat standing up.

Naturally, I starting talking to the guy. He was a lawyer, one of the founding partners of a medium sized firm in Century City. He’s retired now, but still goes into the office just to “keep an eye on things.” We got to talking and I told him about Scott and the TV. Not exactly asking for a legal opinion, just wondering what he thought I should do.

And the guy said, “Let it go.” I couldn’t believe that was his advice, but he gave me a whole speech about life being too short, how litigation makes you tired, etc.

So I guess maybe I’ll just let it go.

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One thought on “Lunch with Old Guy”

  1. Start listening to lawyers now and you’ll be chasing ambulances before you know it. That dude was old and filthy rich, so of course he’s going to tell you to forget about it in the name of some ephemeral peace of mind. While you may be “rich” enough to forego the $3K, you’re not old enough where some hassle necessarily means loss of tranquility, especially if the TV and the disregard that caused it to be damaged weigh on your mind at all. To me, the deciding factor on whether you should keep after Scott on this is whether you’re too busy for the hassle. If yes, let it go; if you’ve got some energy and don’t care if Scott takes it the wrong way, keep at it, if only for the possible lesson Scott will learn (i.e., don’t be a 14-year-old with other people’s possessions).

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