Scott Has Flown the Coop

Scott moved out. He admits that he owes me for a new TV or at least fixing the screen on the one he broke but he said he has “absolutely no way to pay for it.” [singlepic id=83 w=320 h=240 float=right]He thinks it’s best if he finds a new place to live so he moved out yesterday.

The weird thing is I don’t know if Scott was ever truly a friend. It seems so juvenile, but I feel kind of used. I haven’t questioned a friend’s motivations since like 7th grade but now I’m left wondering how much I can really trust these people I meet randomly.

Who knows, maybe Scott will pay up and we’ll continue to be friends. But now I’m doubting my own judgment on these people.

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One thought on “Scott Has Flown the Coop”

  1. There’s a long way between talking to strangers and being roommates with said “strangers,” dude. Not everyone you begin an acquaintance/friendship with will affect you to such a degree that you’ll feel comfortable being roommates, so chalk Scott up as a (semi) failed experiment. To me, the key question is are you too angry to hang out with the dude anymore?

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