While the Cat’s Away…

So first of all, I get back to find my TV with a big crack in it.

Seems Scott decided to throw a party while I was away and things got out of control. Some guy Scott didn’t even know got into a fight with Scott’s friend Ryan and the mystery guy threw a beer bottle that hit my TV. Then he took off and no one seems to know what this guy’s name is.

There are about ninety-three things wrong with this story. Yes, Scott pays rent now, but it’s still my apartment. And it’s my $3,000 TV. Plus, what am I, Scott’s parents? Who waits for their roommate to go out of town to throw a party? I think that’s the biggest dick move of all.

Scott says it wasn’t something he planned. He just invited a bunch of people over to watch football and then more and more people just kept coming. And people wonder why I hate sports.

Not sure what to do next. Scott has apologized profusely and even offered to move out. But he has not offered to pay for a new TV. No real attempts were made to find the mysterious bottle hurler, so it’s unlikely he’s ponying up.

So do I just let this slide? Just because I can technically afford it doesn’t mean I want to pay for a new TV. And why should I? I didn’t break it. Plus, now I feel like Scott has been using me. Like he was just pretending to be my friend so he could live in a nice place. Maybe he should just move out.

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2 thoughts on “While the Cat’s Away…”

  1. You’re both adults. If a friend of mine broke my TV, I would expect it to be replaced. Sure, maybe I wouldn’t be getting a $3000 TV but I wouldn’t settle for a $500 either. It’s directly because of him and his actions that your TV is broken, end of story. I wouldn’t back down on something like this and especially from someone I’ve only known for a short period of time.

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