You Want Strangers? You Got Strangers!

About 600 million of them. I am in Mumbai.

There are people everywhere. It is kind of freaking me out.

A guy at the airport asked if I needed a wife. Seriously. I thought he was a pimp but it turns out he was offering his sister. I joked, “What does she look like?” Big mistake. He thought he had me on the line and proceeded to harass me for the next half hour with pictures of his butt-ugly sister.

Then this other dude outside the hotel said he could get me hash. I think he meant drugs but it could have been corned beef hash.

At the office, I met up with Palak. He laughed when he saw how freaked out I was. We got to talking over lunch and he laughed at me again. He said, “In India, you don’t need to talk to strangers. Here, strangers talk to you.”

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