Mum-bye bye

I’m going to India.

Not to live but for at least a week to close this big deal I’ve been working on forever.

Fuck! I need to be here to keep track of things with Michelle. It’s my big chance to make a move here and now I’m going to be stuck in fucking India.

If I get back and she’s dating someone else I’m going to go postal on my boss.

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One thought on “Mum-bye bye”

  1. What are you talking about? She isn’t going to end her relationship and start dating someone within a week, unless she already has someone in mind, in which case it probably wont matter where you are. but ive gotta say, if a guy kissed me and confessed his love to me, the only reason i would keep him in the loop about my failing relationship is to let him know he might have a chance soon to step up to the plate. she didnt forget that happened just cuz you were able to salvage your friendship. so really it sounds like pretty great news. so go enjoy India, and take some cool photos to show her on your first date. *wink* good job man!

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