Christmas in L.A.

The Holidays are especially tough in Los Angeles because everyone abandons the city.

Since no one is really from here, it becomes a ghost town which is nice I guess for traffic but mostly it just seems post-apocalyptic.

Scott is taking off again and so am I in a few days. Growing up, Christmas time was fairly close to the Norman Rockwell ideal. Snowball fights, fire in the fireplace, hot chocolate… Everyone I knew stayed put because they were already home. Here, no matter how many people you meet and how many friends you make, it never seems like home. It’s like Los Angeles is one big office. You go to work here but when the lights go out, there’s no one home.

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One thought on “Christmas in L.A.”

  1. Will you be Christmas carding or Christmas greeting Elevator Girl? Seems like a perfect opportunity to get some good-feeling face time with no bad overtones (courtesy of the Holiday Spirit).

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