Speed Dating Joker

I just got the call that exactly zero women chose me to meet again!

WTF?! Here I was all filled with hubris, bragging about my prowess at talking to strangers and guess what? Every girl in there thought I was a loser. Not a single one wanted to date me.

Now I’m obsessed with trying to figure out what I did wrong. Did I listen to much and not give them enough to go on? Did I seem fake like I wasn’t really interested in what they were saying? Or does it all boil down to no one finding me attractive? Whatever happened, it sucks.

Oh, and Gunther got twelve women interested, including that bitch the personal shopper.

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3 thoughts on “Speed Dating Joker”

  1. (more than a year late to this party, but what the hell) hahah, aw man that’s rough! anyway, yeah i’d def try to over-analyze what the hell happened. these women are prolly crazy. get it gunther!

    I found your blog through Damon Lindelof and I’ve been glued for days trying to catch up (even inspired me to start my own blog!). Hope all is well, my friend.

  2. What! I thought u had it too! I know u look good since u mentioned it before. Well it’s being two year since that happened, so u probably have some idea on what happened now ya?

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