Lost Angeles

Being back home was weird. I haven’t been back since I started the Project and only now do I realize how inter-related the Project is to the city itself.

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I know a lot of people. Most of my high school friends still live there and when I went out to the supermarket or the gas station I kept running into people I knew.

So it occurred to me that it’s probably that way for most people in the world. Even in the 21st Century, most people still live in the same place where they grew up. And the idea of talking to strangers would probably seem weird to most people in that situation. Because first of all, there aren’t that many strangers if you live in a small town in Indiana. And second, when there is one, of course you talk to him, if not to make a new friend, then at least to ask, “What brings you to Indiana?”

But in Los Angeles (or New York or any big city for that matter) it’s different. No one is from here. Or at least it seems that way. Everyone is a stranger. And especially in Lost Angeles, people live in their little cocoons, driving to work, sitting in an office or cubicle, living in a faceless apartment complex. Only in places like this does the Project even make sense.

I’m not saying I want to move back home. I like it here. It’s just that living in Los Angeles feels like the first day of college every day. You don’t know anyone but it seems like everyone else already knows each other.

But I think I’m finally starting to feel like a native. I’m finally making friends, dating, going out into the world and seeing what happens. Not only am I planting roots and growing a community of people who I like and who like me, but I feel like I’m starting to become the person I want to be.

I’m sure this all seems very lame but I guess the Holidays do that to you. Makes you reflect on your situation and what you have to look forward to in life.

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5 thoughts on “Lost Angeles”

  1. Man, cool reflexion. I don’t know if that “Lost Angeles” is yours, but it’s cool. Gives an accurate meaning to a word that in Spanish doesn’t have any. And Angeles is something that everyone can translate (our language is not that hard, you know…).
    The fact is that what you say is completely true. I told you, you were making your way to heaven. And you start to smell what heaven is about…

  2. Oh man awesome reflection surely got me more motivated to take my tiny steps on becoming the person I want to be. Haha I also think u got pretty lucky with the room mate, I mean if u got an bad room mate u r kinda stuck with him for awhile. Any advice on that?

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