All Good Things…

Marny dumped me.

She said, “I love you” again and when I didn’t respond, she went off on me. [singlepic id=62 w=320 h=240 float=right]I had to be honest with her. I said, “I really like you, and we have fun together, but I just don’t see our relationship going in that direction.”

She called me an asshole. She said she only agreed to date me in the first place because she thought I was a nice guy. She said she usually dates guys much hotter than me. She said I was bad in bed.

I suppose these insults should have hurt but I didn’t really care and had basically no reaction. Somehow, that made her even more mad. Like she was so insignificant to me that nothing she said could get any rise out of me. Marny is actually pretty perceptive sometimes.

She left and Scott came in, having heard the whole thing. He asked, “Are you all right?”

I said, “Whew. I’m glad that’s over.”

He smiled and said, “Let’s go grab a beer.”

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4 thoughts on “All Good Things…”

  1. The best break-up story tidbit I ever heard was from a college roommate of mine. He was in a relationship very similar to the one you had with Marny (i.e., she was ridiculously hot, she was into him, and he was–to our amazement–not that into her), and when–inevitably–she got sick of being a hot girl hanging with a guy who wasn’t appreciative enough of that fact, she broke up with him. My roommate shrugged it off, but then showed up at her dorm room a couple of days later with all the notes/letters she’d written him. “I don’t need these anymore,” he said, left them on her coffee table, and walked out. Her roommates told him later she was crushed … and he didn’t give a defecation.

  2. I cannot understand it. As far as I’m getting laid, I’m happy. And being happy implies not trying to make it end. I guess I’m simple, but that’s it.

  3. I’m really enjoying this blog Fletcher–thank you for taking the time to keep this up (and thanks to Damon Lindelof for introducing me). Some of these moments, (like this one with the break-up and earlier with the make-up with Michelle) seem straight out of fiction, but I trust you’re being honest and not leaving much out– like you eventually were about talking to the kid. You’re a brave dude.

    Because of the juxtaposition of you helping out the crying woman and breaking up with Marny, and you saying you would never let your marriage fail like that… I just want you to be aware that the kind of ambivalence you’ve shown in your relationship with Marny (especially in the breakup) can lead to an equally abusive relationship as the one that poor woman found herself in. As hot as Marny may have been, I think it was wrong of you to stay with her so long, especially after it became clear she was so much more into you than you were into her. Imagine Marny had gotten pregnant and you ended up staying with her and marrying her for the kid (crazy hypothetical I know…) and then you’re still with her in 5 years. How would you imagine the state of your relationship then?

    In my experience, the couples that don’t communicate well fail nearly as badly as the ones that ‘over-communicate’ (yelling all the time). Obviously I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on the blog, but from what I’ve read so far… well… I hope I see you speaking more directly to your future girlfriends and laying out expectations/feelings/problems on the table more openly. I speak with some authority– I’ve been with my girlfriend (now fiancee) for 8 years. And I’m only 24. And no, we don’t have a kid.

    Thanks again for writing!

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