Elevator Girl Is My Friend

Had lunch with Michelle again today.

This time I talked about my significant other. Not to sound too Machiavellian here, but I definitely feel like I’m projecting an image of a “safe” work friend. On top of that, my problems with Marny are real and discussing them with Michelle actually helps a lot. Female point of view and all that. Anyway, Michelle has no idea that I’m in love with her.

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One thought on “Elevator Girl Is My Friend”

  1. Maybe this entry is not likely to be commented, but… (who does the hell cares?)
    You resemble to me the main character of “My name is Earl”.
    She does has a boyfriend, so… you’ve some choices:
    1)- Try to guess the kind of relationship she has with him. If it was just a crush, proceed normally. If she talks about him like “the man she’s been awaiting for so long”, you’ll have to keep up with Marny.
    2)- Meet him and play an aweful trick on him. Then, shake the bad karma off of your shoulders, and proceed normally.
    The following ones include more bad karma, and inflict several laws, so I just guess they’re not suitable for the Project.

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