Two’s Company

I have a new roommate. Well, not yet.

But next weekend Scott’s moving in. It’s only for a while, till he finds a new place.

So why did I say yes? I thought of plenty of good excuses to say no that would probably not offend him (and some readers sent in some of their own), but the truth is, I couldn’t justify saying no with the mission of this Project. I’m trying to be a people person. I haven’t had a roommate since college because I liked being alone, but now I don’t like being alone so much and maybe it’ll be nice to make a connection with another guy. You know, make an actual friend.

I talked to Gunther and Monica about this weekend and Monica especially agrees that living with someone else–especially someone you don’t get along with 100%–is a good test of maturity. Besides, Scott already hooked me up with Marny, and though that’s probably not going to last forever, Scott knows a ton of people.

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2 thoughts on “Two’s Company”

  1. Monica… uh?
    Makes me wonder. You started the Project with almost no friends (or something like that you said), and now you do even look like part of the Friends cast. Scott could be Yoey, and Monica herself. Marny should be… Rachel? Do you feel like Monica’s sibling? And Amanda could be Phoebe, since she had the “Everything happens for a reason” mystical thing. We’ve one character off, ’cause Gunther also is in as itself, and… (mumbles endlessly)

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