Slew from Seattle

I’m in Seattle on a deal and I talked to a bunch of people so far.

1. Guy my age at the airport gate waiting for our flight:

“Going away or coming home?” He was coming home to Seattle after visiting his long-distance girlfriend in L.A. We talked about how they fight over who should move and get a new job.

2. Fat lady sitting next to me on the plane (in business class): “Read any good books lately?” She said, “Yeah, I’m trying to read one right now.” Yikes.

3. Cute girl checking me in at the hotel: “So what’s fun to do in Seattle now that Kurt Cobain is dead?” She directed me to the concierge.

4. To the concierge: “Do people really ask you to send prostitutes to their room?” He looks around for a second, then says, “What are you looking for?” I tried to explain that it was just theoretical but he made it seem so easy, so I ordered a high-priced call girl.

Just kidding.

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One thought on “Slew from Seattle”

  1. Maybe the next stage of the Talk To Strangers project is not to be intimated into taking the hint by people like the Fat Lady. So instead of leaving her to her good book (no doubt Trump’s new treatise on being rude for profit) you could have said, “Cool, who’s your favorite author?” The annoyed look on her face alone would be worth it.

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