What To Do about Party Girl

I’m going out with Marny after work. I know I should break things off with her but Paul says I should “enjoy it while I can” and Neil thinks [singlepic id=33 w=320 h=240 float=right]I should secretly video tape us having sex so I can watch it later. (Neil may have been kidding but I’m not sure. He probably hopes he can watch it.)

The point is, every guy I’ve talked to says to keep hooking up with her because Marny is hot and willing. One guy posted a comment about how I’m not married and I should be out there having as much meaningless sex as possible.

So I’m conflicted. Not that I have a lot of readers here, but any advice would be appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “What To Do about Party Girl”

  1. Hey there–
    1. Thanks for updating your blog everday. Yours is now one of two I am checking when I get into work and your reliability is like a little glass of chocolate milk waiting for me at my desk. I think I am probably your entire fan base in Istanbul but I will ask around anyway to see if there are any Turks following your exploits as well.
    2. I love that you are asking advice about “should I sleep with the hot girl who doesnt need much in return” because all of the hodgey old married men who are eating rice cakes their wives bought them while noticing how her huge ass bobs up and down as she loudly vaccuums curtains will be spouting the GO FOR IT advice everytime. But flagrant stereotyping of marriage and the way men view it aside, (since I am 25, not married and not a man you might want to just disregard this whole poorly-considered comment) you should totally go for it. UNLESS. You find out she genuinely likes you and you continue to use her for sex. Then you start slipping into the asshole category. Sorry, just is. Oh yeah also. Do you want to keep sleeping with her? If you don’t want to, that is a sign that you shouldn’t. And you have to pay attention to signs like that, just like if Martin Gaye paid attention to the signs like “if you beat your father he might shoot you with a gun and kill you” he could still be alive today, singing songs about the pleasure, confusion and self-dialogue that comes with taking a new lover–which could have really coached you on your f*ck-buddy decision-making. See? Let that be a lesson–you shouldn’t have killed Marvin Gaye and now you are really paying for it. Or wait, I think I got confused somewhere in there and possibly accused you of killing MoTown’s greatest shining star.
    ah, point is–do whatever you want but keep us updated!

  2. Jezba’s points are dead-on, Fletcher; I’ll just add this:

    6 months ago could you imagine talking to so many strange people–and enjoying it so much?

    3 weeks/months from now you may find yourself liking Marny (just because she’s yakking incessantly about the ActorLife now doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the only thing she can talk about) quite a lot, and not just because she’s hot (or via cognitive dissonance).

    The upshot is to listen to Jezba. If you keep seeing her for the sex alone and don’t feel anything else and don’t want to be an arse, call it off. Otherwise, enjoy yourself. If she’s not into it she’ll let you know soon enough.

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