I Met Elevator Girl!

It finally happened. Just as I was leaving for the day the elevator door opened and there she was. And she was alone. I was caught off guard for a moment but I immediately realized I only had an elevator ride down to the lobby to make this happen so I just got in, let the door close, and said, “Hi, I’m Fletcher.”

I glanced a bit in her direction, but more or less stayed looking forward (i.e., practically no eye contact).

And apparently when someone introduces themselves, it’s a normal human reaction to respond in kind.

She said, “Michelle.”

“I’ve seen you before.” Stating the obvious but it’s a start.

“Yeah, I work at […].”

I told her where I worked.

Ding. We reached the lobby.

“Well, have a great weekend,” I said casually.

“You, too.”

And that was it.

Possibly the shortest, most insignificant conversation ever, but it felt amazing! You know why? Because first of all, I did what I said I was going to do and took control of my destiny. Second, now I know her name, so the next time we see each other, we won’t be strangers. It won’t be weird to talk.

On the drive home, I wondered why this was such a huge thing. I mean, isn’t communication like this the most basic human skill? How did we lose this ability to talk to people?

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2 thoughts on “I Met Elevator Girl!”

  1. Fletcher (I feel as though I can call you that, since we’re good friends now);

    This blog is extremely addicting to read and very interesting. I have no idea how I stumbled upon this on your first day but I can’t stop reading it now. Literally. I think I have a disease.
    I wish you would have your entire current day up here for me to read when I wake up. How could that be possible to do? I’m not sure. But it would be nice…


    1. Hi, Amy, thanks for writing to me. So far I’ve only had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. But I’m going to that party at Scott’s friend’s place tonight so hopefully I’ll have something more to report.

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