Sandwich Lady

Got a sandwich at Ralphs for lunch just now. (P.S. It’s much better than most sandwich shops and they slice the meat right in front of you.) So I got this older lady and ordered my sandwich and she starts making it. But first she examined every piece of lettuce there was, then picked the best one. Same with the tomatoes. Only the best for my sandwich. The turkey was lovingly laid in overlapping layers for maximum airflow…

I was mesmerized. I am a sandwich aficionado–I could eat sandwiches for literally every meal–and so I really, really appreciated her care and expertise. So I told her so.

“I like the way you’re making my sandwich!”

She laughed. I needed to prove I was sincere so I added, “I see the way you’re doing the turkey. I hate those people who just slap down all the slices together. Might as well not slice it at all.”

She agreed and said basically there’s no reason not to make the sandwich as well as possible. She makes them like she’d want it for herself. We discussed the finer details of sandwich making and then I told her that I really appreciated her attention to detail and that I bet a lot of other people did as well, even if they didn’t say so.

Anyway, I think I pretty much made her day. She was beaming when she rang me up.

And then I went home and ate my sandwich.

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