The Olden Days

People often romanticize the “good old days” when there was no indoor plumbing and you could get your head cut off if you didn’t bow to a samurai.

But there is one thing about the days before TV and the internet that I do think was kind of cool. People talked.

A hundred years ago, on a Saturday night, sure, maybe you might go to the theater or something if you were rich, but really what people did was sit around talking to each other. You’d pay a visit to your friend and discuss the events of the day, politics, literature, philosophy… Okay, maybe it wasn’t this intellectual all the time, but people did talk to each other.

Now we live in such an isolated society. Fractured and disconnected. I’ll give you an example. Kyle at work told me to call Samuelson about a discrepancy in some income statement. But instead of calling him, I sent an email. I mean, going over to his office, that would have been insane. It’s practically twenty yards away. But even calling him was too personal. Too much human interaction. Even that level of contact was shunned in favor of something more impersonal, an email. How messed up is that?

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One thought on “The Olden Days”

  1. Thank you, Lord. Finally, someone else who realizes this phenomenon that texting someone doesn’t mean you’re social. More like social to a piece of plastic.

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