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I feel like despite my setbacks, this is turning out to be a pretty cool project. I wish more people knew what I was doing here, so if any of my posts strike a nerve or affect you in any significant way, I’d love it if you could spread the word. I’ve added these handy little icons for sharing, so please help out if you can.


Fletcher a/k/a People Person

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6 thoughts on “Spread the Love…”

  1. You deftly pointed out the problem with “spreading the word” in the Internet age in your Olden Days post, Fletcher. If we can’t be bothered to leave our desks or even pick up the phone (was it Seinfeld who on his post-TV-show stand-up album talked about how when you make phonecalls nowadays you really want the phonee’s answering machine, and you’re flustered if the target of your intended message actually picks up?), how difficult is it for any gem to stand out in the treasure trove of genius that permeates the blogosphere? I’m not saying that every blog is gold (what percentage is decent, even … 10?), but the good/interesting/what have you ones are destined for obscurity if the most people can do is Twitter tag or fire off an e-mail (“Hey, just found this great blog about actually talking to people … ooooh, irony!”). Cool that you got tweeted by a celebrity, but even that (i.e., the necessity of having a big name toot your horn over what I think is the most impersonal of ‘Net communication methods) points out how much luck one needs to get any sort of viral buzz going. Maybe you need to follow the Lonely Girl 15 meme and start posting pictures of the attractive (not dazzling; too many sites like that already) women strangers you’re angling to speak with … Elevator Girl would be a nice start. 🙂

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