Why did Amanda and I break up? Well, the consensus is that we just grew bored of each other. I always assumed that it was just something that happens in relationships.

Some molecules simply unbond due to the infinite complexities of quantum physics. In other words, there’s nothing you can do about it. We just drifted apart.

But something occurred to me today. Maybe it was talking to Janet, or more accurately, listening to her go on and on about her stupid tattoos. Maybe it was our fault that we broke up. Or at least what I’m trying to say is, that I was partially to blame. Maybe we could have saved the relationship.

Maybe if I was more observant like I was with Janet. Sure, I was kind of bored, but Janet was really happy after our talk. She was practically beaming. If I took more of an interest in Amanda’s life–her interests, opinions, her daily battles with her stupid boss–maybe that would have been constantly refueling the relationship. (Of course, it would have helped if she did the same in return, but that’s another story.) The point is, maybe relationships aren’t like molecules whose fate is determined by quantum physics, completely out of our control. Maybe you have to keep reapplying the glue that keeps the molecules bonded. Or relationships are like fires that you need to constantly refuel. Okay, I’m on the slippery slope of lame analogies here–next stop: relationships are like gardens–but you get the point.

If and when I ever get another girlfriend, I’m going to have to think long and hard about maybe paying attention to her.

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