Bao Guy Has a Name

It’s Scott.

I was back at the mall getting lunch at the sushi place and the guy spotted me. [singlepic id=12 w=320 h=240 float=right]”Hey, sweet and lo guy. Come back for more plumberry tea?” He obviously remembered our one and only conversation and called on it like normal people do.

I explained I was waiting for sushi and he made some joke about me being a traitor. Then I said, “Hey, I’m Fletcher. What’s your name?”

Turns out when you tell people your name they usually tell you theirs in return. We talked for five or so minutes until my buzzer buzzed and I picked up my sushi. I learned he’s up for a guest starring role on some new sitcom.

Scott seems like a cool guy. I bet he knows a ton of people and that I’d hit it off with some of them. Not sure how to become “friends” with him and get into his life without seeming gay. Is that weird? I don’t know how to make friends anymore. Too bad we can’t just have our moms schedule a play date. I’ll have to ponder this. How to take our relationship to the next level.

My friend Dave from college is in town this weekend, so at least I’ll have something to do.

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3 thoughts on “Bao Guy Has a Name”

  1. I’d like to let you know that I really like the idea of what you are doing. I’ve never been a big fan of people, so when I moved to Portland last year, I opted to finish my last year and a half of high school online. In that time I have literally only talked to 4 people in this city, and I only talked to them because they happen to work in stores that I go to practically every day, and they instigated conversations with me. I wish I had the willingness to talk with strangers, because it is entirely un-fun to be a teenage girl, without friends.

    1. That’s heartbreaking. You’re supposed to be forming memories that last a lifetime. At least tell me you plan on going to college. Even a community college will at least expose you to people with the same interests as you have.

      1. I’d like to say that I have that plan, but at the moment I do not. Not this year anyways. I realize I ought to, but there are factors which currently inhibit my ability to do so. I will though turn 18 next month, and upon doing so I plan to at least attempt to find a job. Hopefully I can, and that may help some with the prospect of making some friends.

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