The Cop

Okay, so check this out. I’m grabbing lunch at Baja Fresh on San Vicente and I see a cop having lunch by himself. He’s in uniform and all but he’s eating alone. So I go up to him and I say, “Hey, don’t mean to bother you while you’re eating, I just wanted to say I really appreciate what you do.”

He looks up at me with a big mouth full of Dos Manos burrito and says, “Excuse me?”[singlepic id=8 w=320 h=240 float=right]

I explain, “I’m just saying I appreciate you putting yourself out there every day to keep people like me safe. I just thought you might like to hear what people are thinking.”

And then he says, and here’s the twist, ready for it?…

“Can I see some I.D.?”

Seriously. Can I see some I.D.

Like I’d have to be on crystal meth to say something nice to a cop. No wonder everyone hates cops.

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5 thoughts on “The Cop”

  1. Were you nervous or talking really fast? You must have been doing something weird. All the cops I know would have been really psyched to hear what you said.

      1. It sucks that most cops in LA (and almost all of CA) are like that. I’m always nice (or at least polite) to the cops and out of all of them I’ve only met something like two nice cops.

  2. Maybe you could have talked to him while he was patrolling, not cramming a burrito for his long awaited lunch. He probably thought you were taking the piss by thanking him for sitting around eating.

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