Mailbox Guy

Near miss tonight meeting the guy whose mailbox is next to mine at my apartment complex. I’ve seen him dozens of times and yet it never occurred to me till now to talk to him. [singlepic id=5 w=320 h=240 float=right]He’s a little older, maybe mid-thirties, kind of a surfer dude with long hair, and I think he lives with a woman because I always see them together.  Anyway, he must live in my building because that’s how the mailboxes are arranged.

Didn’t happen tonight because just as I was going in with a comment about that World Cup octopus, he got his mail and took off. So it would have been awkward to be like, “Wait, dude. Hold up. I want to pretend to like sports with you!”

It’s weird when I think about it. I live in this huge apartment complex in Brentwood–there must be a few hundred apartments here–and I’ve lived here for two years, yet the number of neighbors I know is exactly zero.

Makes me excited to start changing that.

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One thought on “Mailbox Guy”

  1. Hey… I just started reading your blog …. I am making it a habit to read one post per day… it´s really inspiring and nice written too. Talked to two strangers yesterday (one being the older lady living next to me which I don´t know at all – till now 🙂

    Cheers and looking forward to lots of more postings (you posted till 2012, right?)! Yay!

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